Picking a place to eat or drink in London can be overwhelming so we bring you reviews, news and tip offs to make you the

From a young age, we at Grub n Glug have been fascinated by food.

Just as music  is the food of love, food is surely the soundtrack to our lives – using the thread of our senses to stitch itself into every scene. From the childhood delights of Jamboree Bags, bonbons sold by the quarter pound, secreted in hidden compartments within Lego kingdoms, and sticky fingers clutching splintery sticks of candyfloss at the fair, through Mum’s homemade lasagne and crispy crunchy lettuce to granny’s award winning decorated cakes and our South African friend’s brilliant Brown Cows, every mouthful has its own magical memory of culinary contentedness.

In adulthood, its no wonder that we found ourselves exploring food festivals, artisan producers and Michelin starred restaurants, and writing about great places to eat and drink for the UKs largest commercial radio company; Global and its station, Capital FM. 

But we also learnt about the dangers of food; developing and eventually being diagnosed with, allergies to a number of foods. The challenges that these allergies brought only served to strengthen our interest in not just the flavours, but also the entire experience of buying, and being served, food. 

Finally, following some terrible allergy related dining experiences, noticing how elitist some restaurants can be, and hearing from friends and colleagues how difficult they found sifting the good from the bad when selecting a restaurant for a date, catch up or work event, Grub n Glug was formed – your go-to no nonsense, plain English food and drink review site that you can trust to help you be the foodie friend in the know. 

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