Peggy Porschen Cakes

A short, but certainly not sweet, visit.

I decided to walk to cake maker extraordinaire Peggy Porschen’s parlour during my lunch break.

Famed for luxurious wedding and cupcakes which are almost too beautiful to eat, Peggy Porschen opened her first (and only) shop last year meaning that people like me can now share in the delights previously enjoyed by the likes of Stella Mccartney and Anthony Hopkins.

The so-chic-its-painful cake shop in Belgravia, tempts with a colour scheme of brown, pink and glossy glass, showing off to perfection its treasure trove of treats.

This being my first visit, I checked the website in the office before leaving. 

When I arrived I was disappointed (and distinctly annoyed) to find a sign on the window detailing that they were closed for the day on 5th September – I think it was for staff training but I may be wrong.

I wondered why they had not bothered to post this on their website, the obvious place to inform and update prospective new customers, particularly as they had clearly known in advance that they would be shut.

I wasted my lunch break and came back unimpressed and a little sad to have missed out on what I had hoped would be a real sweet treat.


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